Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Karyn Smith's Creative Writing Class Projects

As part of the programming for the Housatonic Museum of Art's original exhibition "It's for you," Conceptual Art and the Telephone, Curator, Terri C Smith and Housatonic Community College's Instructor of English, Karyn Smith, discussed possible ways her students could participate in the exhibition. The idea was to add new, interdisciplinary texts that broadened the interpretation of the exhibition and included voices beyond that of the exhibition's curator.

Karyn Smith asked two english classes to participate. The works represented here are finished pieces by students who gave the Museum permission to post their writing on the "It's for you" blog. Three of the creative writing students wrote fiction and poetry works that are inspired by Adam McEwen's text message works (Peart, Swanson, Zanowiak).  David Weidenfeller wrote a non-fiction work about his experience with Pietro Pellini's "Al Hansen on My Telephone."  In his fantastical narrative, Michael Verone creates a story that could be seen as an allegory for the surprises that sometimes accompany a museum experience.

Works by Smith's other class will be added when they are available...